Enrolment of Membership

It is a great pleasure to announce commencement of Enrolment of Membership of LCHSLV. There are two types of membership viz. ordinary members & nominal members.

Nominal membership can be availed by depositing Rs.500/- (non-refundable joining fee) plus refundable and interest bearing monthly deposit of Rs.500/- or more (in multiples of hundred). Nominal members will not be able to buy shares of the society nor they can claim eligibility for becoming Director or Executive Committee Member. But they will enjoy all other benefits of the Society. Individuals, who are eligible to become member of LEADERS, but are not member of LEADERS can only join as nominal member.

To become ordinary member, you must be a member of LEADERS (http://www.leaders.org.in) or you must be a staff of BARCF, Visakhapatnam. So, if you are not a staff of BARCF, Visakhatapatnam and wish to join as ordinary member of the Society, then you must also join LEADERS. Subscription of LEADERS will be deducted from Interest and Dividend accrued every year, so there is no need to pay it separately (declaration at the time of joining will be required).

The following links will help you in obtaining membership of LCHSLV. Join us to grow together.

Initial Amount calculation
LEADERS Membership Eligibility
Membership Type
Membership Eligibility For Ordinary Membership
Conditions for Ordinary Membership
Membership Form
Bank Account of LCHSLV