Conditions for Ordinary Membership

An applicant will be enrolled to ordinary membership upon fulfilling the following conditions:

  • He has applied in writing in the prescribed form
  • He has acquired at least one (1) share of the society.
  • He has paid one-time admission fee of Rs.50/- (Rupees Fifty Only)
  • He has subscribed to monthly interest-bearing deposit (refundable at the time of withdrawal of membership) of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) or above (in multiples of Rs.100/-)
  • He has given a declaration that he is not a member of any other similar co-operative society.
  • He has fulfilled all other conditions laid down in the Acts, the Rules and the bye-laws of the Society.
  • The Board of Directors of the Society shall approve the application to admit as a member.
  • No person shall be eligible for admission as a member of the Society if he:
    • Has not attained the age of 18 year;
    • Has been judged by a competent court to be an insolvent or an undercharged insolvent;
    • Has been sentenced for any offence, other than offence of a political character or an offence not involving moral turpitude and dishonesty and a period of five years has not lapsed from the date of expiry of the sentence.

Ordinary Members

No member shall be admitted as a member of the Society except the following namely:

  • A member of LEADERS and competent to contract under section 11 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872.
  • Staff of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Facilities (BARCF), Visakhapatnam
  • LEADERS (association of persons)
  • Such class or classes or persons or associations of persons may be permitted by the Central Registrar having regard to the nature and activities of a multi-state co-operative society.